13 dec. 2007

Lucia-melodin kommer från en neapolitansk sång som handlar om en kuststräcka

Melodin till vår Sankta Lucia-sång kommer från Neapel och handlar om......en kuststräcka/skärgård ! En vacker sådan, tydligen, sången sjungs i romantiska filmen Kapten Corellis mandolin.

Tips: Ställ er gärna upp, gör yviga italienska opera-gester, koppla på vibratot o prova att sjunga med (melodi: "Natten går tunga fjät"):

"O dolce Napoli,
o suol beato,
Ove sorridere
Volle il Creato"
Tu sei l'impero
Di armonia!
Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia"

" Santa Lucia is a well-known traditional Neapolitan song. It was transcribed by Teodoro Cottrau (1827–1879) and published by the Cottrau firm, as a "barcarolla", at Naples in 1849. Cottrau translated it from Napuletano into Italian during the first stage of the Risorgimento, the first Neapolitan song to be given Italian lyrics. Its transcriber, who is very often credited as its composer, was the son of the French-born Italian composer and collector of songs Guillaume Louis Cottrau (1797–1847).

The Neapolitan lyrics of Santa Lucia celebrate the picturesque waterfront district, Borgo Santa Lucia, in the Bay of Naples,

in the invitation of a boatman to take a turn in his boat, the better to enjoy the cool of the evening. "

Edit: Vers 2

"...sul mare luccica
l'astro d'argento
placida è l'onda
prospero il vento

venite all'agile
barchetta* mia
santa lucia, santa lucia...."

* 'barchetta' betyder 'liten båt'

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Picture source: www.italia.it

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